Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Day 5

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Sometimes I snap photos of visitors doing things they probably shouldn't. Here they are off trail at Mud Volcano. At least they chose a green, grassy area to be off trail rather than a hot thermal area. And there are no bison around. But still, this place has obvious walking paths, so WHY do people venture?

The Ranger is much chagrined about a change in schedule this year that all the rangers are calling "the brunch schedule." Some program times have changed and thus, on your last day of your work week, you get the Brunch Schedule. This means you report for duty at 0730, have LUNCH (Brunch) at 1030, and get off for your weekend at 1630! This is really messing with the whole "it's not time to eat" rhythm in everyone's brains. Ha! They're OBVIOUSLY not elementary school teachers! :)

I've been working out again this summer at the Employee Rec Center over in Lake Lodge. And then I drive out to Mud to walk the loops (0.66 miles). It's a nice little exercise routine and I enjoy seeing the day-to-day changes at Mud Volcano.

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