Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CL Day 14

Tuesday 23 June 2015

I went to the temple today and it was nice. I saw three people I know: my next-door neighbor, a former teacher teammate from when I taught fourth grade, and a woman who used to be in the third ward with us!

Three of my Facebook friends have died in the last three to four weeks! One was expected, the others were surprises. It's a lot to process sometimes.

I did dishes and laundry. I ate well--nutritious food in healthy portions. I watched Alex Boye on America's Got Talent.

My husband asked, "Would you like to hear the bear story of the day?" A woman and her husband and grandson (from Alabama) were fishing on the shore of Yellowstone Lake behind the visitor center. Actually, the men were fishing and grandma walked into the trees a bit to take a closer look at some flowers. She knelt down to snap a photo when she felt hot breath on her neck. Today is her birthday so she thought her husband was teasing her. She said, "Elmer, stop doing that!" That's when the grizzly ran away. Elmer got a photo of the backside of the bear as it headed down shore toward the river. YIKES!

TR had the Storm Point hike today, so he headed out there with his group. He met up with these folks from Alabama who were now fishing at Storm Point, not knowing it was them. As he chatted with them, they mentioned their experience from the morning. His eyes widened as he asked, "Are you the one that got BREATHED on?!?" Yes, the very same. He said, "Ma'am, I am so impressed you're out here fishing! Most people would be in their car or inside a building after having such a close call with a grizzly." She responded, "Well, I just LOVE the outdoors!"

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