Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Day 11

Thursday 18 June 2015

Met my college freshman roommate, Stephanie, at Mammoth Hot Springs for a hike! We hadn't seen each other in decades! She was passing through from Indiana and all I could think about was that she had been on our university's cross country ski team. I've never decided to ski eight miles up a glacier, so I warned her heavily about my slow hiking pace. When we took off from the trail head I said, "You talk, I'll breathe." She has an amazing story and I'm so impressed with the way she's handled all the curve balls. She is a strong woman and I'm so glad we got to catch up! I really appreciate her reaching out to me and suggesting the hike!

On the way over I saw a bear! :)

I also snapped a couple of pics of visitors getting waaaaay too close to wild animals. Love the elk sitting under the shade tree wearing his crown in such a royal fashion. I'm a tad disgusted with all the teenagers (elk) dominating the village of Mammoth. True to form and just like human teens, they are great at napping!

There was also a bear jam on my way back to Lake so as I drove by, I photographed Kass (or is it Cass...must look at his name tag) who is the Wildlife Ranger handling a lot of that stuff.

And then my sister came to visit and we stopped down at the lake shore prior to Kaitlyn's evening program about Adventurers in the Night!

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