Monday, June 22, 2015

CL Day 12

Friday 19 June 2015

We tried to show Ang a nice time in the park on today. We hiked up to Natural Bridge and true to the Animal Whisperer she is, upon seeing a marmot with hopes of photographing it, the marmot began to scamper away until Angie said, "Could you please stop for a picture?" And it STOPPED!!! :)

We also stopped at LeHardy Rapids where the cutthroat trout are spawning. Boy, the May Flies were SUMPTHIN' ELSE! Then we went to Canyon to show her some of the hot spots there. On the way back to Lake we stopped at Mud Volcano. The light is so different in the late afternoon than when I hike in the mornings for exercise! We found Mohawk Bison (he has all of his winter coat nicely scraped off except for that one little patch on top of his back...does he realize?) meditating in front of Mud Cauldron. Fun day!

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