Tuesday, July 16, 2013

YELL Day 25

Tuesday 07/16/2013
Today was my twenty-fifth day of summer vacation and it was a travel day! I left the park early to attend to some appointments and errands. There were a couple of bull elk grazing on the side of the road. In Idaho, there was an accident on I-15. It must have just happened because there were NO emergency personnel there yet and the cows in the pasture were staring INTENTLY at the road. You KNOW when the cows are engrossed, it's pretty bad. A guy was waving us past the pickup and thankfully, there was just enough space between the front of his truck and the guard rail on the shoulder of the road to sneak by. What a mess. I felt so bad for all involved. A semi had pulled over, so who knows. It's a high wind area, so maybe the RV and/or the semi lost control due to the wind.

I picked up our mail, started laundry, made several important phone calls (the things you can do when you're near civilization!), and promptly crashed on our bed. I did manage to get my visiting teaching done this evening thanks to some flexible women in the neighborhood! And now I'm caught up on the blog!

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