Friday, April 5, 2013

Cheese Shop

We were in Crescent City, California yesterday and it was raining. We got soaked as we hiked across a beach at low tide to visit a lighthouse built and lived in continuously since 1856. We climbed the ladder to the tippy-top to see the light which is visible to ships fourteen miles out.

We then tried to find a couple of things to do indoors so we could dry out a bit. We heard there was a cheese factory in town, so off we went. It was about three in the afternoon. While snooping around, four sixth grade boys came in, grabbed toothpicks, and just went to town on the samples. It was easy to realize this was their usual afterschool routine. The clerk was giving them a hard time in a friendly way which led to one of the boys singing a song for her ending in a giggle fit. You could tell the boys all had good natures and so did the clerk.

I wandered over to the sample tray myself and grabbed a toothpick. I had my eye on the last big cheese curd and had my toothpick headed for it just when Song Boy swooped in to snatch the curd with his toothpick calling out, "Dibs!"

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