Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Days Are Here

I noticed this little scene and snapped a photo today. Just a little slice, a small moment, a mere detail of my daily life with school children. Captured.

I called the warranty people and a nice woman named Netta took my statement of being without a refrigerator for 19 days to heart, "Well, I can certainly understand your frustration! My name is Netta and Netta gonn' take care of you!"

I knew I was in good hands and everything would get better from this point forward.

We are taking the cash out. Buh-bye repair guy! No more waiting for parts to come in. No more waiting for someone to call back. No more worrying about the welding smoke the repairman mentioned would be necessary, not to mention wheeling the fridge across the living room floor to work on it... We can just use our constitutional freedoms and go fridge shopping! We have nothing against the appliance itself. We just need one that works. Sooner than later.

Anyway...I corrected a LOT of papers today and I dearly wish I could spend more time with each student to let them know how great they're doing or to let them know there's a way to unlock the mysteries of math. I stayed until 6:15 p.m. at which time I dashed home to change into my BSA uniform and head for the stake center to participate in Round Table.

A wonderful, generous person we know texted during Round Table to offer us JAZZ TICKETS!!! Can you believe it?!? Lower Bowl seats with refreshments thrown in! Although I truly do have a testimony of Scouting, that text was the best part of Round Table. It was all I could do not to flash my phone to the high councilor sitting next to me and say, "Someone just gave us free tickets to a Jazz game!"

Speaking of "us" ... he'll be home tomorrow! No more praying over the phone! For a season anyway.

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  1. LOVE IT! only get a discount on refreshments! When you fridge shop, check and make sure they take your old fridge away!