Friday, October 2, 2015

Farewell, Braxton Dear!

Today was the last day for one of my precious students. Now I'm down to only 17 boys and 12 girls. This kid is funny and smart and happy and creative. He declared to me on the playground this week that he's pretty sure he'd like to work for NASA. Hate to lose 'im.

We were granted an incredible rain storm complete with hail and when that happens, I just let the kids gather at our classroom windows to watch the spectacle. It's the same as if a grizzly walked by, one cannot compete with epic rain. One of my boys said, "Today is a good day to listen to Chicago in our sweats and eat ice cream." Where do they come up with this stuff?

I can't remember how long it takes to get to Evanston but that's where the ranger was when last he texted so I think he'll be home in minutes and I'M SO EXCITED!! I would have prepared a lovely home cooked dinner, but...I teach school and today is Day 20 without a refrigerator. He said he's bringing hot dogs from his fridge, so perhaps we'll celebrate our reunion with those. He probably has ketchup too. I can't wait to hear his little comments about not having a fridge. He'll likely take the cooler route, but buying ice will become a chore. I don't know that we'll rush RIGHT out to purchase a new appliance, but we'll get one soon...I'm the only one in this family who can somehow be so extraordinarily scheduled that a refrigerator becomes a ridiculously low (LOW!)priority. After all, I STILL have papers to correct, lessons to plan, and HOMEWORK to read and write. I left school "early" today to greet my husband on his moving day.

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