Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Foundations of Literacy

I'm in this program through BYU in order to obtain my reading endorsement. This first class is called Foundations of Literacy and is a history of teaching reading in America which includes the reading of lots of classic research. There are two dense texts plus a whole shootin' match of articles on course reserve. I write 1-2 papers weekly, present to my class, lead discussions, etc. It's the real deal.

And I love it. I had to miss the first class since it started on the day of Grandpa's funeral in Iowa. It's taken me five weeks, but today I can say that I'm finally all caught up with the reading and the writing. I got an assignment back from my professor today and I got a perfect score (a paper I wrote) with lots of wonderful comments.

I've been putting off an endorsement for years due to the flexible nature of our living circumstances what with the park ranger running off here and there. This endorsement will shorten the time I get to spend in Yellowstone next summer, but I had such a happy, peaceful feeling when I decided to apply for it. Also, I didn't make the first round cut. I was so sad. But then they called and said someone dropped our so I was IN!

Every single week, in spite of the work load (or because of the work load), I feel so happy about the things I'm learning. My eyes have been opened, I've had an epiphany or two, and I've met some incredible educators.

It's just what I need to be doing! I don't feel this way when I come home from Round Table...did I just say that...but taking this class is a really great and happy thing for me!

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