Sunday, October 11, 2015

Went to a Movie By Myself

We don't see many movies in a year, but TR sees more than I. Yesterday found TR parked in front of the television watching his beloved football games. We had decided to see a movie together later in the afternoon, so I was looking up times and places on the internet. I've lived in my city for eleven years now and have never been to the local town theater. When I looked at their listings, I saw that they were still showing "Once I Was a Beehive" and it started at 10:30 a.m., so off I went. He didn't miss me one bit.

So I'm not good at first experiences when it comes to getting into parking garages or sending a bank deposit through the drive-up tube, or going to a new theater by myself. TR thought I was making that up, but he's lived with me long enough to say, "I can't believe stuff always happens to you even when you try to be normal and do things correctly!"

Example: The first time I ever used the drive-up window at my credit union, the tube got stuck. It wasn't my fault. I just put the check into the tube, talked to the nice teller giving my account number, pushed the "send" button...and the tube got stuck. Of course. The teller said it wasn't me...

Example: I often can't open things that get sent to me over my school email or can't do simple functions and so our former computer teacher would have to help me a lot. She would always say, "It's not you, it's your computer. Hmmm, why won't this work for you?!?" I don't know just doesn't.

Example: I was driving in SLC once and TR suggested I pull into a parking garage. There were two lanes so I chose the one on the right. I stopped at the little ticket dispenser, rolled my window down, and pushed the "get ticket" button. Nothing happened. Tried again. Nothing. So then I called the attendant (who was not in view) over the intercom and asked about it. "Oh, I guess it's out of tickets so you're going to have to BACK UP and try the other lane." I explained to her that two other cars were already behind me in my lane and she responded, "Well, you're just going to have to wave at them and get the message to them because your only choice is BACK UP!" Right. My husband was incredulous. I'm so paranoid now that I ask questions like, "Did I do something wrong?"

So I entered the theater and purchased my ticket. My feet were stuck to the floor in front of the cash register. It was pretty bad. The clerk noticed and asked if the floor was sticky...and then apologized that it was. He sent me around the corner without mentioning which theater my movie was in, so I assumed there would be another employee around the corner to further direct me. No one. So I looked at the various theater doors and saw no signs and no numbers. Five other females came along and because I'm not afraid to ask strangers questions, I asked. They said, "We're seeing that too. It's in Theater 3." I asked which door was Theater 3 and they said, "This one," so I followed them. We were all sitting in there watching the commercials, etc. when the clerk came to let us know our movie was in the next theater over and he was so sorry and he could start the show over for us...see? I do my level best, I look around, I ask questions, I get reassurance that I'm in the right place...and I'm still making mistakes.

People tell me I explain things really well. Maybe that's because...others don't? I've had so many of these micro-traumas.

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