Friday, October 16, 2015

The Most Patient Hiker in the World

We had the loveliest of days!

We went to the Payson Temple to do an endowment session. Ken had never been and my only visit to that temple was for the open house this spring. It is such a beautiful temple. I heard a patron say to the woman who was cleaning the restroom, "This is THE temple of all temples!" It really is stunning. Also, we were asked to be the witness couple for our session which happens to us quite frequently, but every time it does, I feel like Heavenly Father is saying to me personally, "Welcome Home! I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you're here."

After our session, K was starving and suffering from a migraine. We tried to go to a little diner that someone suggested, but it had such long lines, so he headed to Taco Time. He just needed some literally fast food.

Then we drove up Payson Canyon to see what fun we could find there. We skipped Payson Lakes this time because it was $8. We ended up hiking toward Rock Springs and I must say, I did okay with my knee brace, but my husband is one very patient hiker when it comes to my pace. We, uh...deployed some bear spray while up there. It costs around $50 a can, but this was expired (after 5 years), so we wanted to practice spraying the real stuff in case we ever have a real situation with a real bear. K sprayed first for about 3 seconds and then I sprayed the rest of it for about 4 seconds. We did this in a huge open meadow with no one around and no wind. For me, it was just like spraying a fire extinguisher.

We drove the remainder of the glorious Nebo Loop which had beautiful golden aspens! Really, that canyon was like medicine. Once we got out to Nephi, we headed north again stopping at the Red Barn for fresh apples and pears. Then we came home where I started chopping onion, garlic, peppers, and mushrooms to start dinner. Our home smelled so great! Then I went on to laundry.

Sadly, I've lost another student, Layna. They are dropping like flies. She is moving about 30 miles away. Darling girl.

French toast was yesterday morning. We haven't purchased any new syrup since the fridge was replaced, so we used powdered sugar and raspberry jam--really good. Along with the eggs and milk, I put cinnamon, vanilla, and a little powdered sugar into the batter. I cooked the bacon first and added a little butter to the grill for cooking the French toast. I just thought they looked really good and snapped a photo.

These two days of Fall Break are over so quickly, but I thoroughly enjoyed having a two day forced lay-off from school. We made the most of our time together and it has been rejuvenating.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time, except for the headache! The French Toast looks absolutely perfect!