Saturday, October 3, 2015

TBR Piles

I've got some serious readers this year and here are some of their TBR piles. For the uninformed, TBR stands for To Be Read. One of these children exclaimed the other day, "I just need a year to myself so I can read!" Amen.

Not pictured is my own TBR pile, but just know that at the very top of it sits endless classic research articles for my Foundations of Literacy class...

I checked out four picture books at the public library the other day to have on hand for some emergency escapism due to the fact that I probably won't get to finish another novel until December.

Our school had our Battle of the Books kick-off assembly the other day and I'm pleased to know that I have a majority of the winners from last year's champion 4th grade team in my class. They have already formed a new team and are working away making flash cards and coming up with practice questions, with no mention or suggestion of any of that from me.

Also, students were invited to dress up as their favorite book character for the assembly (I wore my Battle of the Books t-shirt). I had two Michael Veys, one Yellow Fang from Warriors (I think that's who that was...), and a kid named Pete. I asked my student who "Pete" was because my student was just wearing his every day clothes and I've never heard of this character and obviously didn't recognize Pete at all. He matter-of-factly explained to the class that Pete was a character in a story that he's currently writing. Oh...gotcha.

I've got some folks who don't care for reading at all, but I'm slowly trying to administer small doses of Mrs. Kyburz's magic reading elixir so that they'll be coming around to the whole idea sooner than later. Reading is simply the BEST!

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