Thursday, May 29, 2014

Take That, Pinterest

I don't craft, but I understand THEME.

I have had so many amazing parent volunteers this year. I wish I could take them all out to lunch. But I can't.

I decided to "give it a whirl" for my main room mother. I found the tea jar and had so much fun filling it. Yes, I was inspired by the citrus slices on the outside, so I went for orange, lemon, and lime on the inside (except for the German chocolate...that was a green wrapper, so that was close enough to lime for me). The Milano cookies are orange flavored, the taffy is orange cream flavored, and I just enjoyed putting it all together.

Not bragging. Not boasting. Just sayin' that once in awhile, I almost approach the world of crafting and decorating. Almost.

The note said, "Time to have yourself a little tea party!"

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