Sunday, May 18, 2014

Everyone Naps

So while we were out Mary Bay way, we noticed a couple of cars had pulled over and people were setting up their really huge spotting scopes--a sure sign of wildlife. People usually do this for bears and wolves so our guess was "bear."

We parked at the pullout and walked a ways down the road. There was a nice couple from India with a fabulous scope and they confirmed there was a bear. They described the location and we understood them to mean the bear was under the FAR tree. Nope. The bear was only about 25 yards away, which is way too close! TR had his camera with big lens and zoom thinking it was the far tree...

Well, a car pulled up to ask what everyone was looking at. A man approached that car and said "bear." The dog inside didn't much care for the approaching man and began to bark loudly and repeatedly. Bless that little dog! His barking made the bear pop its head up and look around. I instinctively began to step away, headed for the safety of the car (I just don't mess around and this thing was only 25 yards away--you should never be closer than 100 yards!). However, it didn't stand up, so I risked a couple of shots. The driver with the dog inside rolled up his window and drove off. Hence, the grizzly said, "I'm going back to sleep!" We were SO LUCKY to safely view that animal. HOORAY! We get to live in Yellowstone!!!

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