Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in the Park

Still chasing that ranger around. We enjoyed Memorial Day weekend together by attending church at Old Faithful and hiking a couple of shorter trails. There are still charred remains standing from the 1988 fire in the park. I thought it was symbolic of the whole feel of the holiday...many analogies could be I began with the photo of that particular soldier.

Next is a picture of some stranger who seems to be lucky. If he's willing to get that close to a bison, I'm surprised he's lived this long. Along with the wildlife, I might just make it my hobby this summer to photograph some of the unwise choices people make.

Here's our selfie!

We enjoyed our walk to Harlequin Lake (Harlequin is a type of duck). The lily pads were growing all over the place. We did lots of clapping and shouting as we hiked around blind curves in the trail. I'm noticing that the ranger had his bear spray in the side pocket of his backpack. Good thing I carry mine in my front pocket...and that I'm the one hiking in front...

The weather was splendid! We met up with Ranger Anna and a couple of her friends as they passed through. So good to see dear friends!

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