Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moving TR (The Ranger)

We moved TR back to YELL this weekend and had a pretty good time doing it. We left Friday morning driving separate vehicles--I stopped at the post office to pick up a package he ordered and he stopped to get an oil change. We met up at the park and ride in Corinne. If you've never really should check it out! :) TR jumped in my car and we drove out to Golden Spike to say "hello" to some ranger friends. Of course we had to visit the girls (the locomotives). After that, we headed into Brigham to meet up with Nate for lunch. Then we aimed for Idaho Falls where we went to dinner with Suzette.

On Saturday we went to Yellowstone, but before we made it to Fishing Bridge we stopped at Artist Point for a picnic and a visit to that iconic waterfall. Many visitors had made many snowmen in the area and I actually photographed only one! All you need is a pine needle to make someone smile. Leaving Canyon, there was a coyote walking/jogging down the road. From the looks of it, he was doing everything in his power to use his right blinker in order to cross the road, but people weren't cooperating, so he took off up an animal trail on the hillside. There's a lot of snow in YELL (more than this time last year) and the snow removal/snow-going equipment is parked around the area. It was GREAT to get back to YELL!!!

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