Monday, August 12, 2013

YELL Day 43

Today (meaning Monday 08/12/2013) is the last YELL day of my summer vacation. Last year, there were, I believe, 48 days of summer vacation, but this year, only 43. Even my husband says, "Your vacations are getting shorter and shorter!"

There are two more days before I am absolutely required to show my face at school, but I'm not counting them as summer vacation days due to the homework assigned to me over the summer along with varied assignments and tasks received throughout the summer. This includes things like reading a 322 page book, doing two writing assignments about the book, watching a movie, procuring a costume to dress like a character in the movie, etc. It all adds up and I think two days is actually an underestimate, but I'm saying two days of stuff that needed to be completed prior to returning to contract time.

In spite of the extra work, let me tell you...I was at school today for about six hours and I was filled with joy and happiness. I am so excited to meet my new group of children and try out some things I've learned recently. I'm excited to see those from last year's class who will arrive in the morning to help me (I have no idea exactly who or how many are coming!). It will be like a mini class reunion slash service project with treats at the end. I am so grateful, GRATEFUL! that I have the honor and blessing of working with a variety of priceless ten and eleven year old learners. My heart has been warm and fuzzy all day as I cleaned out my desk and re-read notes from May. I smiled as I organized my poetry bookshelf, hoping to inspire at least one more child to attach themselves to word smithing and verse. I watched an American History video while doing laundry this evening because I'm pumped to teach our amazing social studies curriculum. I framed some pictures during the 10:00 news in hopes of freshening up one of my bulletin boards. I know which book will be our first read aloud of the year!

Sure loved my magical Yellowstone summer, but I now declare that my 43-day summer vacation is officially ovah!

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