Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elephant Back Trail on Pioneer Day

Wednesday 07/24/2013

My neighbor, Bev, and her coworker, Marlene, invited me to hike Elephant Back with them this afternoon. This trail is right next to park housing, but I've heard of enough bear encounters on this trail this season that I've never been able to hike it alone. Bev herself pointed out spots on the trail..."This is where I was when I ran into that grizzly." Well, you can get quite a view from the top! Park housing, the Lake Hotel, Stevenson (Stephenson?) was 3.36 miles round trip according to Bev's GPS and the elevation at the top was around 8,800. Whew. I was probably slower on the way down than the way up so Bev asked if they could hike ahead. So I kept calling out, "Here, Bear! Comin' through!" I knocked on Bev's door when I returned so she would know I got back down and she said, "We could hear you singing!" I had to chuckle. Singing? I could barely breathe! But at least they could hear me which means the bears did too and I didn't have any trouble. The terrain was forest with grass between the trees.

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