Thursday, August 8, 2013

YELL Day 31

Thursday 07/25/2013

This was a day for one of my little "excursions." Field trip if you will...

The trick to getting a parking spot at Artists' Paint Pots is to go early in the morning. Ahhhh...I love this place. I especially loved the white mud pot--cracked, bubbling, and white. I could have stared all day! After the paint pots I headed to Old Faithful to walk the 2.4 mile (round trip) path to Morning Glory pool. Along the way I got to see a nice eruption from Daisy Geyser. I took a different route on the way back and saw people gathering around Grand Geyser. There was a spot on the bench and about ten minutes later, it blew! All I can say is it was GRAND! The run-off from Grand has patches of orange that remind me of a creamsicle or dreamsicle or whatever they are. TR and I went to Bruce's evening program about wolves.

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