Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Saturday 08/03/2013

The in-laws planned to arrive this evening so it was my last chance to run around the park in the wee hours of the morning (when all the good stuff happens). I've always appreciated the morning mist that rises above the Yellowstone River. Someone with the right stuff could photograph it with justice. I headed for Norris in order to walk around the Back Basin.

I parked in the parking lot and walked to the restroom. When I opened the door to the women's side, I was immediately on high alert for the rodent who had torn the place up! There was toilet paper EVERYWHERE!!! However, nothing stirred and I realized that HUMANS were responsible for this incredible mess. I later saw an employee and asked him about it, "It's like that every single morning. Rodents have nothing to do with it." If you tear toilet paper off the roll, I think you're quite capable of eventually depositing it in either the toilet or the trash. If you throw it on the floor and think that somebody gets paid to clean up after you, then I think you're pretty despicable. Lazy, lazy, thoughtless, and unkind. Yes, I feel strongly about this and I'm not sure why because I've never been a custodian. Remember, your real character is depicted by your actions behind closed doors. Who are these folks? A bunch of passive-aggressive creeps? It is beyond my reasoning. If you can explain it to me (a logical reason for the mess), I would LOVE to be enlightened! Steps off soap box with heavy sigh...

Anyway, to get to the back basin, I chose left which led me past Steamboat once again (a loop trail). I was walking along like nobody's business when I noticed myself slipping. Sure enough, that boardwalk was covered with a thin layer of ice. Perhaps it was from the steam of Steamboat in the below freezing morning temperature. So I grabbed those handrails and SLID on my feet all the way down past Steamboat until I arrived at Cistern. It was a ways. At that point I was able to walk normally--no more ice. Did not see another soul during the whole 1.5 mile walk! It was GLORIOUS! I emerged near the museum and contemplated walking around Porcelain Basin, however, just then, a busload of Asians (and I love Asians!) arrived and went running down the hill chattering in Chinese, cameras clicking. Nah...guess not. I'll come back another time. The magic disappeared.

I stopped at Canyon, arrived late for K's ranger-guided hike, and when he got off duty, we drove to Pahaska Tepee near the East Entrance. K's family came to visit us!!! Just as they pulled in, K realized we were locked out of our home, but no worries, he handily found a way in later in the evening.

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