Friday, August 9, 2013

YELL Day 38

We took K's family to Mammoth making other little stops here and there. We also drove to Lamar Valley where the Big Bison Convention is taking place, also known as "the rut." One dapper fellow charmed us by digging in the dirt, rolling in the dirt, shaking the dirt afterward, and also by just sitting there. Too bad you can't hear the snorting and grunting. If you look carefully, you may see how the wind is blowing the hair on the top of his head from behind (#toupee). He's looking a bit messy with grasses stuck in his fur here and there. I just kept chuckling while snapping photos.

The terraces were wonderful of course. That "winter" scene is a summer scene and it was hot out. That's just the magic of calcite travertine folks.

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