Sunday, December 7, 2014

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

This was a beautiful area in Oklahoma. Basically it was a George Custer vs. Black Kettle affair, but George Custer played dirty, even left some of his men behind (sent Elliott and a detachment down river a bit...they were killed...but Custer never went to check on them...just left...their bodies were recovered from the battlefield a week or two later). Some speculate that the feelings amongst his men resulting from that could have played a part in his demise at his next gig generally known as Custer's Last Stand. Also, Custer may have puffed up with a little too much pride with being called the world's greatest Indian Fighter and so on. Sheridan, his commander, ordered him to cripple the settlement, so Custer and his men slaughtered 800 ponies at the site. It was a terrible attack.

I felt peaceful as I limped around using my hiking stick for extra support. We were the only ones there. A place for introspection.

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