Thursday, July 24, 2014

"You've been invited to a social outing."

Saturday 19 July 2014

TR came home for a meal one day and told me the girls were goin' to town and I was invited! I was all for it! So this morning, I rode along with Ranger Laurie, Volunteer Sirri, and Volunteer Susan to attend a garden party in Cody, Wyoming. We purchased our tickets and proceeded to visit five different gardens around town. It was a lovely time and then we were served a nice luncheon afterward.

Leaving YELL to get to town is a little different than outings for most women who enjoy a girls' night out. First of all, we stopped along the way to check out flowers, look for moose, and peel off layers as the day warmed up. Laurie noticed the Howitzer was missing from Sylvan Pass (avalanche control...they must be repairing it?). There was a short debate about which entrance to the park was the best. We saw the rockslide area that closed the road last week forcing Laurie and Sirri to drive all the way around on the Beartooth Highway. We were all good girls and left our bear spray at home so that it wouldn't accidentally deploy in the heat of the car when parked. We did have one park radio with us in case of emergency. That's how you "go to town" in Wyomin'!

Each garden was staffed by the homeowners and at least one Master Gardener. There were also two local artists at each place creating art that would be auctioned off during lunch. Our last garden stop was the best! It was a shady back yard with a lot of seating! The lady that owned it belongs to "Sisters on the Fly" a group of women with travel trailers. She was telling us about fixing her trailer up declaring with gusto, "It's so damn cute!"

After lunch, we roamed the main drag and I even bought a pair of KEEN sandals from Wayne's Boot Shop. It was ninety degrees, pretty hot for a bunch of ladies dwelling at 7800 feet! The girls dropped me off at Wal-Mart as they headed back into the park so I could wait for my ranger to pick me up for our next weekend adventure. My suitcase was already loaded into his car. I finished one book and started another by the time he got there. We headed for Billings!

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