Thursday, July 24, 2014

SV! Day 19

Monday 7 July 2014

We hiked to Lone Star Geyser but it had already gone off so in order to kill time we hiked farther exploring some back country thermal areas along the way. TR is more ambitious about skipping around questionable crust. I patiently waited until he told me a safe way to get to each feature. I have no desire to sink into a boiling pool of scalding water. He's pretty safe, by the way. I'm just more cautious than that.

The eruption began, but we figured out it was a "minor eruption." After waiting an additional 25 minutes, we were rewarded with the major eruption. The trail is flat and 4 miles round trip, but we added another mile and a half or so with our meanderings. Met up with a woman who was doing amphibian surveys (Western Toad). We began coveting all of her mosquito mesh gear.

If you've never hiked to a back country thermal feature in Yellowstone and felt the spray of the geyser rain down upon you, I would highly suggest it!

Later we were treated to a lovely dinner at the Lake Hotel by John and Garrett who came to fish again this summer. They are the nicest people and we love spending time with them, dinner or not.

Oh, and the Red Dogs (baby bison). They are so cute. They start out looking kind of like normal cows but somewhere along the way they morph into those bison looking creatures. It is hard to get a photo of one because they are carefully guarded by the herd. I usually find one with a cow on either side of it (Mom and Aunty).

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