Thursday, July 24, 2014

The "Disneyland" of Yellowstone Campgrounds

Saturday 12 July 2014

I worked out on the elliptical, hiked at Mud Volcano, and then went on Ranger Graham's Storm Point hike. He is Master Geology so I learned a lot! The marmots were being forward and careless. The afternoon was spent cleaning and preparing for our weekend adventure. However, rain poured for two hours. Nonetheless, we drove to Madison Campground so we could sleep fairly close to Church meetings held the following morning. We started unpacking our vehicle and K got this look on his face. I asked, "What's that look?" He answered, "It's not a good look." We had left the tent poles, stakes, and the rain fly at Fishing Bridge, forty-two miles and who knows how many bison jams away. So we discussed options. We had to have the gear for the weekend. One of us had to go back.

We thought about both of us going back. That was pointless. So then I offered, "Why don't you go back and I'll build the fire and prepare dinner so that we can eat when you return. The man looks at me and says...can't believe he said this..."You can't build a fire."

I laughed so hard!!! I explained with some vigor, "Just because I've been LETTING you build the fires all these years doesn't mean I CAN'T! Ask all the people I camped with before I met you! Ah, he cracks me up. However, I will go on allowing him to make himself necessary.

So he stayed. He cooked. I drove. And I saw the grizzly cross the road right in front of my car. That bear was hauling so I couldn't get a photo, but I thought to myself, "There's my little prize for my little sacrifice."

Madison Campground is large, reservable, and packed. It is a loud place in the evenings with kids riding their bikes around and people chatting at their picnic tables. What bear in its right mind would venture there? We didn't even bother to take bear spray into our tent for the evening. It just reminded me of Disneyland for some reason.

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