Saturday, April 10, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation week is a lovely yet awkward gesture stemming from the PTA. Our PTA is AMAZING and yet I dread this "special" week of school because I don't like the idea of forced compliance when it comes to really thinking about your teacher and having to play nice when it comes to writing that thank you note. Most of the students are sincere and I do read every note, but it's just a little uncomfortable. I hear Mother's Day can feel the same way.

Our room mothers are fabulous and somehow they rallied the children to donate to a great cause: our classroom game cupboard. We received SEVEN brand spankin' new games for the fifth graders to enjoy during inside recess (which we had, like, EIGHT inside recesses the week before Spring Break...). This certainly freshened up our little cupboard of amusements and the children were audible in their praise, "Thank you SO much for getting a new CHESS set!!!" Now that we're past spring break, we'll probably never have another inside day this school year.

Some of my students got really creative with their egg projects. One boy just had to show off his new solid purple skinny jeans, and I thought I would show off some of the watercolors and haiku. It's all just kind of springy.


  1. teacher appreciation is TOTALLY like mother's day.... we never really had it in junior high, thank heavens! (at least not beyond a candy bar in our box in the faculty room).

  2. Great pictures! Love your door! I watched all the teachers leave Friday, with armloads of, balloons, fruit baskets, gift cards, etc. I left with...nothing! Most got $100-$300 in gifts!

  3. That's too bad because I think you're the teacher with the biggest fan club at Alpine! Don't you think some teachers work it a little more than others? A couple weeks prior to teacher appreciation, I received a letter from a ninth grader with sincere gratitude and praise. That's the kind of thing that keeps me going rather than balloons and flowers.