Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 5-Spring Break

Monday 5 April was sunny and gorgeous--perfect spring weather. We headed out to Yankee Springs, my childhood home. We hiked around the property so I could show K my First Woods. The old house, the yard, and the barn look nothing like it did when we lived there, but I knocked on the door to get permission to walk around. Nobody answered, so we headed to the riding stable and started up that trail. What an amazing thing to be able to say I grew up on eighty acres of woods out in the country (thank you, Parents). It was wonderful to show my sweetheart my roots and to walk in those woods again (we didn't really have time to build a fort). I took a very small rock from the woods and carried it back with me. We also hiked at Mount Baldy, Devil's Soup Bowl, and Graves Hill. We can now also say that we've hiked a section of the North Country Trail. We had a picnic lunch at Gun Lake (oh, the memories!). Thank you, Sweetheart, for driving me around to my every wish and whim and listening to all those snippets and stories.

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