Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Camp Activity

Did I mention I'm the Young Women's Camp Director at church? We have fifteen young women on our list at the moment and our first camp activity was for first aid certification. Our ward has six paramedics (THE safest ward around!) and Brother N. agreed to teach the girls about first aid (he was thrilled, we were thrilled, and it was a beautiful thing). It would seem these ladies loved the idea of an on-time drawing (gave away various cosmetics and toiletries, lotions, etc.) and my chocolate chip cookies completely disappeared, so I'm going to call the whole evening a success! I LOVE getting to know these girls. Can't wait to get them up hiking (and cooking gourmet dinners for ME!).

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  1. Loved my time as ward cap director my first 3 years of teaching. Loved going for a decade as part of the Stake Young Women leadership!