Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flying United

Last month I wrote an entry about flying Delta. K and I just returned this afternoon from a wonderful Spring Break and we concur that United WINS! In K's words, "By about 5000 miles." All of our flights departed in a timely fashion, we were never late getting to our next city, United didn't cause us to miss any connections, our luggage showed up in the same place and at the same time as we did, and everything was hunky-dorey. We even got bumped from the last row on the regional jet up to the first row behind first class with extra leg room this morning--SWEET! The only thing Delta may have on United is the fact that along with the beverage service, they also hand out your choice of peanuts, pretzels, or cookies, but that's pretty much the only thing we can think of...if you're wondering about which airline to take...lean toward United--lean HARD.

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  1. Your last line was so funny, it made me giggle out loud!