Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 9-Spring Break

On Friday, we woke up and found that the snow had stopped and the plows had plowed. We still couldn't make it to Miner's Castle though we did challenge the road for a few miles and finally gave in to the wisdom of turning around. We went on a walk through a marsh but the beaver weren't making any appearances just for us. We said goodbye to Lake Superior after K touched it with his hand and worked our way south. We dined at Culver's for lunch just across the Wisconsin border and drove past the Lanbeau Stadium in Green Bay. We whizzed past Milwaukee and worked our way toward Chicago. We had a reservation at one of our greatest hotel finds ever! We love the Holiday Inn Express in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We stayed there for Spring Break four years ago. It's a great location and the service is top notch. Plus...they serve a Japanese breakfast! I know! Where else could I possibly get rice with furikake and miso for breakfast (and Japanese television)? I confess, this morning I slid a thin little package of dried seaweed into my purse to eat later on the plane. Ah...Japanese breakfast...oishikatta! Here's the other thing we LOVE about Arlington Heights. Across the road is a wonderful Greek restaurant called Yanni's. We didn't dare hope the food could really be as good as it was last time, but it WAS! We shared four different dishes, all Greek, all wonderful. I can't possibly spell them so I won't even try. We got the baklava (sp?) to go because the hotel arranged free dessert. So, in one day we had breakfast in Michigan, lunch in Wisconsin, and dinner in Illinois.

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