Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stake Baptisms Were Fun Today

I attended the baptisms of 5 individuals over a 3 hour period today. The first one was a couple of people from our ward. I was sitting in the back row of the chapel when Mr. Beckstrand and his Bride walked in! Turns out they didn't know anyone getting baptized, however, the pianist was a friend and didn't feel confident enough to play the opening song, so they called Mrs. Beckstrand at 9:00 a.m. and the newlyweds jumped into their church clothes and ran over to save the day. Don and I just chit-chatted in the back row pretty much until Paige was done. It was great to finally meet her!! I'm sure the counselor in our bishopric was wondering why I was sitting with this guy...

And then I spied Shaunna don't-remember-her-maiden-name Sparks! She declared we hadn't seen each other in 25 years. Except, you know, on Facebook. I had the warm fuzzies as she hugged me.

After 6th Ward, 8th Ward had one baptism and I ended up saving the day by producing a box of ballpoint pens along with holding and feeding somebody's baby. Never met the mother but word on the street is that the baby's name is Holly.

The last ward was the 3rd Ward and they also had two baptisms. These were my people (our old ward) and oh how I loved seeing them all! Asher, a Kindergartener, made a beeline for me and my lap. He colored a dinosaur with my orange pen on the back of the program. But as soon as the Lloyds showed up, he ditched me for the other woman.

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