Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 15 Without a Fridge, No Biggie

Really, I mean, it's not like the Pioneers had refrigerators and somehow they made it...most of them.

I'll do a couple more follow-up phone calls tomorrow, but hubby will be home this week and have time to solve all my problems FOR me!

Cleaned my bathroom before church this morning. It was a DELIGHT to have it all clean and pristine once more!

What am I eating? I bought bagels and one delicious jar of Nutella last night at the store. Don't worry, I also bought fresh garlic, onion, zucchini (I know, it's like I have ZERO friends having to actually PURCHASE zucchini this time of year), and a sweet potato. It's a pretty big stir fry!

The fridge is like the LEAST of my concerns. I'm getting observed tomorrow and have LOADS of uncorrected homework sitting on my desk. I'm presenting in my BYU class on Tuesday. My first parent/teacher conferences are Friday morning and afternoon! Much bigger fish to fry than one appliance!

Everything will go so much more smoothly this week because A) the bathroom is clean and B) my husband is on his way home! Perhaps when he gets home I'll find motivation to pull out the old picture box once again.

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