Monday, September 14, 2015

Day Two Without a Fridge

The only other time in my life I've lived without a refrigerator was when we moved from Michigan to Montana, and that was on purpose.

We left ours in the house when we sold it and then my parents spent about a month finding a new one in our new state. We lived out of the cooler by purchasing a new bag of ice daily. I could, of course, do the very same thing, with the very same cooler, however, it doesn't seem worth it for one person who isn't around much at mealtime.

The service folks called today to let me know they could come tomorrow when I'll be teaching. I called back and asked for something this afternoon. Right. Because of all the obligations from last week that I postponed to this week, I decided to draw a line and make the fridge a lesser priority. I'm not interested in taking personal leave and having my paycheck docked for that. I'm not interested in being away from my students. Which is why they can't look at it until Friday. And that's just lookin' at it.

I wonder how many days I will continue to live without a fridge. I wonder why, after living in 9 states and 1 foreign country, that only after choosing to take on debt via a home mortgage I'm having this experience. Never, nowhere else, have I had this experience of the fridge flat out quitting on me.

It worked just fine all summer while we were living in Wyoming!

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