Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 4 Without a Fridge (and the boys in my class)

A friend gave me a loaf of bread saying, "This does not require refrigeration."

The fridge repair people called today letting me know they cannot come on Friday to take a look. They rescheduled for Monday. I'm just gonna be reeeeeeeeeeeeal patient with this one and see how it all plays out.

I attended my first HOA meeting tonight and learned something. If a minimum of 51% of the owners do not attend, they have to have another meeting no sooner than three days later. Ours is scheduled for next week. If I had known, I would have gone to Scouts. There were 14 people there.

A boy in my class told me in great detail of the deliciousness of crawdads caught "up near Strawberry" cooked with cinnamon and soaked in melted butter.

A boy in my class wore some interesting looking shoes the other day. I inquired and he explained that they were the liners of his roller blades. Purple felt.

A boy in my class walked in the other morning with a large soda cup from Megaplex theaters...little plastic lid and all. I asked, "What are we drinkin'?" He cheerfully replied, "Dr. Pepper!" I called his mom while he was at art.

A boy in my class referenced the Book of Mormon whilst I taught the class a lesson on how to round decimals. New teaching experience for me.

A boy in my class raised his hand, "I have a question. I've been wondering about this for a really long time. You know how we have decimals like tenths, hundredths, and thousandths? Can decimals go on farther, like, you know, to millionths and stuff like that?" Glad he got that off his chest!

A boy in my class was reportedly "climbing on the stalls" in the bathroom. I chatted with him about it, wondering what he was up to. He drew a diagram to show me how he starts on one side and without touching the floor, works his way over to the farthest stall and then goes up and over to lower himself into the last one where he does his business. I asked him to stop. He said, "Okay."

A boy in my class asked me to tie his shoe. I called his dad about it and was told, "We're practicing!"

A boy in my class pointed to our traditional classroom clock and asked me what the little black sticks meant. And why the red stick was moving so fast.

I have girls in my class too, but these 18 boys are giving me a run for my money.


  1. Stories!!! That has been the first Book of Mormon reference ever? Wow. I guess teaching Utah history I got a lot more kids who felt like sharing their Mormon roots and heritage all the time. The climbing on the stalls--kids think of the darndest things! (I'm a bad mom that puts my kids in velcro shoes forever, but as a 5th grader, Jonah AND Sophie--3rd grade--know how to tie, I just put them in Velcro because it is less of a fuss) I love the clock story!!! I'm sure you have a zillion more of these written down in your journal. Awesome stories! Good luck with the fridge!

  2. Not the first reference ever...just the first time someone has talked about the Book of Mormon during a lesson about how to round DECIMALS! :) Today, a boy approached as everyone headed out to recess, "I'm a beekeeper!" You just never know what they're thinking!