Sunday, September 13, 2015

Honoring Grandpa

Grandpa was one Class Act. He was all sorts of amazing here on Earth and his Leaving was one of the most peaceful experiences of my life. I got a little emotional here and there, but overwhelmingly, I felt peace as I spent time at the funeral home and in the church and at the cemetery. There's just nothing to worry about--it's all in God's hands, truly.

As we helped shuttle some family members to airports and such, we had occasion to stop back by the cemetery to dedicate the grave. K's uncle asked K to do this and before he did, the little kids were tracing Grandpa's name on his headstone. I just thought it was remarkably symbolic.

I also noted that the cemetery, full of staunch German Christian farmers, is surrounded by Iowa corn!

The shame in Grandpa's funeral is that we couldn't have him there, in body, to enjoy all the company. He would have chuckled to see his great grandchildren playing Ring Around the Rosy right there next to the dining table. He would have loved the ham and noodle casserole served at the funeral luncheon--and the cookies and bars--God bless church ladies everywhere!

K's cousin came into the kitchen right when I photographed the cupboard holding all the old margarine tubs. He asked, "You doing okay?" I think he thought I was mentally unstable. I just wanted to have evidence of the simple life Grandpa lived, abhorring waste.

K did a great job speaking at the funeral. I heard a lot of people at the luncheon saying complimentary things about him, not knowing it was his wife who was hearing all those compliments.

Such a family I married into!

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