Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Not a fan. Used to be, but teaching school all these many years has rather ruined it for me. Got through the morning parade...dressed as a cat. Back in '88 the members of the Kumamoto Branch wanted us missionaries to do a Halloween party so I made this stuffed black tail and this headband with triangular felt ears on it. Presto! Cat. I wore black yesterday, dug my trusty costume out of the closet in my classroom, pinned my tail on, and added some dark glasses to live it up a little.

The class party planned by amazing parents was just perfect. Showed a YouTube video of Jerry Seinfeld with his Halloween Story (hysterical and only 6 minutes). Stellar teaching right there. Got through the afternoon.

Three former students, all sisters, came to drop off a wedding announcement for the fourth sister! Wish I could have visited with them a little more.

Ran to the library for early voting. No lines there on Halloween afternoon! Stopped at the health department for my annual flu shot. Guess what? No waiting! Headed for the temple which was...eerily quiet. Felt great about my time spent there. Headed home and waited for my darling to get off work. We headed straight for the Olive Garden which was also a "no waiting" scenario. Perfect. Shopped at Target...pretty much had the place to ourselves--we loved it. Happy Pay Day to us--looks like we made it!

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  1. Between the time my nieces and nephews quit trick or treating, and the great nieces and nephews started...I went to the temple. BEST!!! I would have had to work Friday. Slowest work day there ever!