Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jazz Beat Suns!

Our friend, Ann Mitchell, invited us to the Jazz game last night! We rode up with her and her mom and had a great time eating dinner together and enjoying the game.

She got us fabulous seats--center court! The people sitting around us were really great; no one was yelling or rude or cantankerous. The Jazz started out pretty slow and it was looking dismal there at the beginning, but they ended up winning solidly. I/we hadn't been to a game in quite awhile, so it was fun for me to get familiar with the team again. It's also fun to observe the behaviors my husband exhibits at a live sporting event.

At half time, K went to get a soda. He brought me a cold bottle of Dasani and half way through it, I said, "Thanks so much for the water. It's really, REALLY good!" K said, "I'm glad you like it because it cost $4!" :)

Ann is a season ticket holder so she gave us this card with our tickets that we could flash at dinner, etc. to get discounts on all our purchases. We were livin' the good life! It was just a really great evening out. What's more, in Annie's words, we "didn't know when we woke up that we would be going to a Jazz game!"

Thanks for thinking of us, Ann! We LOVED it and we LOVE you!

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