Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Little Table

How much furniture exists in the world? Will we eventually run out of the need for it? Or will we keep building and buying the cheap stuff which eventually makes it to a dump or campfire?

We just said "buh-bye" to a table we've used for ten years. My former roommate, Wendy, gave it to us when we got married. She purchased something new/newer. This was after my roommates and I had used it for four years. This was after Wendy had purchased it at a garage sale. Who knows the history of it prior to Wendy?

We would have kept using it except my mom passed away and we were finally able to bring her table from Montana. Mom's table became part of the family when I was born. So now my husband and I eat dinner there. The stories Mom's table could tell...

In some ways it would be nice to go to some furniture store and buy a brand new table with matching chairs, but it will probably never happen. We will keep using this one. And then we will die and it's likely someone else will find it useful.

The "roommate table" was actually picked up this evening by Wendy! It's going to her stepson and his new wife. Another set of newlyweds! Today is the anniversary of when we first signed our apartment lease. What goes around comes around. The table simply camped with us a for a decade and now it's back with a previous owner.

Sigh. So much growing and learning happened at and around that little table.

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