Friday, November 7, 2014

Not As Many Funny Stories???

For one young gentleman the "Christmas Morph" begins early!

People keep asking me for funny stories. They still happen, but I think I'm too tired to share them. When the owner of the paper above asked why I was photographing it, I simply replied, "So I can blackmail you later."

One funny thing I've been hearing about is how much candy the parents have been eating after the kids have gone to all the trouble of hunting and gathering. And from the sound of it, the parents aren't bothering to be sneaky at all. One student shared that his mom has instituted a ten percent candy tax as payment for driving the fellow around on Halloween. Gas ain't cheap you know.

Another boy said they put the "For Sale" sign up on Halloween so of course, everything inside the house has to look really clean for all the showings. He said his parents made a big deal out of filling these clear glass jars on the kitchen counter with candy and then telling the kids it was totally off limits "because we want the house to look nice so someone will buy it." However, the boy reports that it's actually the parents, not the children, who continually snitch candy out of the jars and it just makes him "so mad!"

Another boy in my class, age eleven, has taken to wearing cologne daily.

I am working on my Vitamin D deficiency. The lowest it should be is 30. In August, mine was 23. I was already taking a daily multivitamin, but as per the doctor's suggestion, I purchased more Vitamin D and added that to my daily regimen. I was also enjoying foods in my diet such as salmon, tuna, and mushrooms, but I upped those for the cause and drank milk more often. I also stopped wearing sunscreen now that I'm inside all day. Throwing caution to the wind each time I've had bus duty or playground duty, I've been soaking up the rays sans hat.

I went back to the doctor after ten weeks of all that consistent effort to find out that my Vitamin D had improved! It's now at 24!!! So, he put me on prescription Vitamin D which is 50,000 units dosed one time per week. So far, I'm trying to feel the improvement, but I'm still pretty tired. In fact, stupidly, I asked, "Does taking Vitamin D make you feel sluggish?" No. His reply was, "NOT having enough Vitamin D makes you feel that way." Oh. But I get through my days.

I'm trying to remember something funny about my husband, but all I can remember is that he rubbed lotion on my feet last night went I returned from Round Table after 9:00 p.m. He still tucks me into bed every night as he has always done. He tried a new minestrone recipe this week and it was delicious. He made brownies last Sunday and when he brought one to me the other evening, he told me that because I'm his Special Girl, he gave me the CENTER brownie (9x9 pan) and he took the harder, crustier, edge cut for himself. That's true love right there!

He's tired too. It might be time for a vacation.

I had no clean underwear in my drawer this morning after my shower. Aloud I said, "I can't believe this is happening." You know, the panic sets in and the bewilderment and the strong will to problem solve. K said, "Well, the whites basket IS overflowing." I was tempted to sass back, I'll admit, however, something made me think of my 72 hour emergency backpack and sure enough, I had clean linens in there! It's the first time my 72 hour kit has really saved me. Hooray!

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