Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Sad Part of Posting Pictures

I posted a recent professional photo of ourselves on Facebook this morning and the comments have been interesting. The ones that bother me consist of things like: "Wow! You look happy. You look so pretty."

The translation in my mind goes like this, Wow means..."How did you become so plastic and unreal looking in this photo?" You look happy means..."Why don't you ever look happy except in this photo?" You look so pretty means..."Why don't you do your hair like this EVERY day?"

The photo was taken on Monday 20 October 2014. I woke up at 4:30 a.m., exercised, showered, did my own makeup, attended professional development all day, ran to the salon (since we only get professional photos once every five years), paid her $25 to style my hair (it takes the professional a full 45 minutes to do my hair this way--no hair cut...just styling--and that includes her use of 47+ magic elixers...which all makes it impossible for ME to do my own hair this way, otherwise, I would), and then headed up the canyon to meet my husband and the photographer.

It was a hot day. I was trying not to sweat too much. I have no idea what the photographer does in his edits, but I don't think he fiddled with our size/weight or anything. We look pretty real to me. I see all of my flaws. He did use artificial light for every shot, however.

I'm so sensitive about these comments. Just how awful do I really look on a daily basis and do people think I'm not happy?

I want the world to know I'm happy. I am so grateful for the rich blessings Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my temple marriage, my darling husband, our jobs, the children that fill my life, family members, friends, health, and the list goes on!!! I'll try to start acting more like it. Can't promise anything with the hair though...


  1. I hear you! My hair never looks good when I do it!!! But...the picture is "model stunning!" I have never seen you with straight hair! I like it! But, I totally get it!!! I even had my hair done for my retirement party so I wouldn't look quite as dorky!

  2. just look a little closer at your Prince Charming! You can really see the love he has for you in that picture!!!

  3. The only thing you should take away from comments is that you're beautiful! You don't post pictures that often and (especially for those who live out of state) we love seeing them!

  4. I love seeing pictures of you and Ken. Every time I see you (which isn't as often as I would like), you look great. :) Beautiful, sweet, and happy inside and out. So happy you are in our family.