Saturday, October 18, 2014

Roads for Adventure!

The Mister and I decided to save our pennies for Fall Break and just do a day trip rather than leave town for the whole thing. Bright and early on Thursday morning we headed for the Pony Express Trail which amounts to four hours of washboard gravel. First stop, Lehi Bakery. Yes, I had me a square donut!

We stopped at every Pony Express monument marker and K read aloud to me from one of his guide books about the significance of that particular station. He had about six different maps/sources/guides to make our trip more complete. I mean, we saw a pet cemetary built by Porter Rockwell's sister-in-law and everything. My roommate, Suzette, and I took this road fourteen years ago and although we stopped a few times, we completely missed a few juicy tidbits.

We saw a total of four wild horses. We smashed many-a-rock at the Geode Beds but found no pretty crystals inside of plain looking rocks. We arrived at Fish Springs Wildlife Refuge and soon after, the warning light for a low tire came on. K retrieved his handy air compressor and alleviated that situation. Meanwhile, I photographed bark. We are not bird aficianodos (sp?), but we think those birds are called Coots.

Just prior to reaching the Nevada state line, out around Ibapah, the warning light came on again so there was more compression of air. A very nice woman in a white pickup with a cigarette in one hand and a skull on her back window jumped out and offered to help, "I got all the stuff." We thanked her, but we had all the stuff to change a tire as well. Nice people out there--being so far from anywhere, you have to help one another. She was the only other vehicle we'd seen since Fish Springs. Meanwhile, I photographed the effects of the setting sun. Just beautiful.

We made it to West Wendover, Nevada where we fueled up at Smith's. To our amazement, the tire pressure was perfect! K was not hungry due to the two big chicken salad sandwiches he had eaten at our late lunch. I on the other hand entered the grocery store and purchased a corn dog from the deli to tide me over. No, we weren't headed for the buffet at the casino. We said another prayer, changed drivers, and I set the cruise right on 80 which was the speed limit out there. We made it home just fine with no more warning lights.

Yesterday, we bought two new tires!


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip! Are those juniper berries? Very cool! Way to be prepared for the flats - good work! - Amy

  2. What a fun trip, I love that route! Beautiful pictures, especially the bark and grass.