Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zip Zip Zippy, Zap Zap Zappy...

H-A-P-P-Y, I'm Happy!

Not everyone feels the same joy I do when I get to leave the dentist's office "unscathed."

I'm just so GRATEFUL that I don't need anything past the cleaning I had today. Same thing happened six months ago. What a BLESSING! My mouth is clean and polished and fortified with fluoride. We have, hello, DENTAL INSURANCE! We have a very nice dentist with a friendly team of staff members. Seriously, when there is no talk of cavities, it is nothing too much more than a wonderful social event!

I couldn't stop giggling a couple of times today. The first question that set me off was when I was asked what flavor of polish I wanted. I asked, "Do you mean what flavor of fluoride?" No, that's not what she meant. No one has ever asked me what flavor of polish I wanted. So naturally I asked for the menu: strawberry, vanilla, peach, or mint? I went out on a limb and asked her to surprise me. I got vanilla.

And then later I was asked about the flavor of fluoride: watermelon, caramel, or mint? I chose mint.

And THEN...I was asked what COLOR of toothbrush I, blue, or gray? I chose red.

There are people in the world without teeth whatsoever. There are people without rice or any food at all. There are females who use cardboard during their menstrual cycles. One of my students forgot her lunch in her carpool van today and bravely told mom over the phone that she would "try" to eat the school's pizza for lunch. I personally insist on buying Puffs Plus with Lotion.

Yes, it's nice to have a choice sometimes, but I hope I never let it get to me. We take so much for granted.

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  1. Nice! You had a real huge burden off your back with the dental insurance being on standby. That's a really great thing. It's kind of tough to secure a good one nowadays, much less one that will be financially sound, yet immensely effective for the long haul. But yep, you're pretty much at a good place at this point. All the best!

    Donnie White @ Good & Associates Insurance Services