Thursday, September 8, 2011

GIRLS Have it Easier!

School is back in session and I asked my fifth graders to respond to this question in their journals: Who has it easier? Boys or girls?

The following responses are by all those who voted "Girls!"

First, we'll take a look at what some ten and eleven year old gentlemen had to say about why the girls have it easier:

"Girls because they don't have to go to work, but boys have to and when they get home they are tired, but girls aren't if they don't go to work. If they do go to work, they will get tired."

"I think girls have school easier because I know more boys that do not pay attention. I don't know, maybe girls don't pay attention more than boys, but I think that boys don't pay attention more than girls (a little conthusing)."

"Girls because boys have to live on stress and work longer because girls don't live on very much stress as the boys. The girls have so many things that the girls like to do the easy stuff while the boys do the hard stuff."

"Girls cause girls can't be hit by boys, but boys can be hit by girls."

And now we'll hear the explanations from the ladies about why it's easier to be a girl:

"Girls. Why? Because girls get away with stuff easier. Say that you hurt your brother then he hurts you back and it doesn't even hurt that much. And then you just start crying really loud. Then your parents would come in and then your brother would be in trouble or a boy who hurts you back. Here's reason #2. Girls are cuter, prettier, beautiful, sweet, nice, kind, sassy, funny, and boys you have to help make them handsome."

"Girls. Because they have so many things. They have shoes, jewelry, and purses, so girls have it better."

"Girls. They have gymnastics easier because boys don't try to be as flexible as gymnasts because they think gymnastics is too girly! Wow. I know boys who are flexible! Boys just like football! Great! Urgh! Wow! I can't believe it. I'm not even in gym and don't really want to be in it to be honest. So yeah. But I am in cheer which I don't know why we have to tumble! Next year I'm going to play soccer! So we don't have to do as much tumbling in fact NO tumbling! I really will. I do like cheer but we have to wear long sleeve shirts! I just really want it to be fall!"

"I think girls can do it easier cause girls are pretty and beautiful. Girls are smart, girls are good at singing and dancing. Good at having fashion. Girls rule. Girls are the best. Girls have longer hair."

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