Thursday, September 8, 2011

It is EVEN!

Of course, some fifth graders just couldn't decide who had it easier--boys or girls?

"Both because girls have stay at home jobs like cleaning and cooking, taking care of kids and pets. And sometimes boys do cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids and pets. But they both can have very hard jobs or easy jobs. Also, boys most of the time have to do heavy lifting, but some girls do that too. The end."

"It depends on how you think of it. At first I thought boys, and then I thought girls. I really can't decide. I think boys because less boys work with little kids as a babysitter, but most girls don't junk their head with video games, so we don't become zombies."

"Both. Boys have hard jobs, but girls have to feed the kids and pay bills. The easy thing for boys is they come home to a nice warm supper. The easy part for girls is they get to stay at home. So it is even."

Ah, love the early attempts at being PC!

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