Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dates with my Boyfriend

K is full of surprises. For being such a quiet man, I am perpetually shocked at all the fun ideas he has rolling around in his head. Stuff I would never think of, know about, or consider. Recently, on a Friday night, he propositioned me, "I'd like to drive you to Inspiration Point." I laughed. It reminded me of an old episode of Happy Days. The next thing REALLY surprised me, "We're leaving at six in the morning." Seriously??? My K, who loves to sleep in? My K, the official Night Owl in the family?? I was incredulous. He explained the road was narrow, often with no place for oncoming traffic, even something as small as a four-wheeler, to pass. So we HAD to go early, seeing how it was going to be a Saturday morning, in order to avoid rolling off the cliff side. And we left BEFORE the crack of dawn.

This is Willard Bay from over 9000 feet. It's quite the view. It was windy and cold. From the line-up of four wheelers and pickups, I'd say we were about the forty-sixth vehicle to get there. The sun certainly beat us up there. When you combine the sun with the wildfires all around, this shot was hazy.

These pictures were taken on the way down. I'm not sure of the elevation of Inspiration Point or Willard Peak, but if Willard BASIN is at 9300 feet, then...we were UP there (but I don't think we passed 10,000).

Busy bees buying breakfast.

After our adventure to Willard Peak, we stopped off at Mantua Reservoir for a walk. It was the loveliest of mornings. The water was pretty, the sun was perfect, and we had the place to ourselves. How can you not feel happy when you're walking outside with your Sweetheart and looking at cheerful flowers such as these?

In addition to the sunflowers, we saw these things. What do you think? A species of thistle perhaps? Don't know. After Mantua, we stopped at Paul's Patch in Perry for some luscious fresh fruit. It was Peach Days afterall, so we HAD to have some!

I'll close this post with a view from our humble abode. When we woke up yesterday (09/17/2011), we saw that it had snowed. Lovely Mount Timpanogos was adorned in white up top. The picture is not clear because of the sun, but the snow was there, I promise. We are almost at the autumnal equinox. Time marches on!

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