Monday, August 22, 2011

A Panaca Wedding

The above picture is Kolob K. K used to work in the Kolob Canyon District of Zion National Park before he took up with Timp Cave. This little gem is located about twenty miles south of Cedar City and it's a five mile scenic drive back there with about three trails (we've hiked two of them in the past). As we were headed to the wedding, we just took a little drive up there and stopped at a few pullouts to take a driving break and stretch our legs. Such beauty! If you haven't stopped here on your travels north and south on I-15, you REALLY SHOULD! The views are practically heart-stopping. The following four pictures depict: a hanging valley, the "crack" (I have it on good word that all the Zion rangers call it that), a pretty view, and lastly, sunset poking through an arch.

Wedding Party.

The Happy Couple!

Another Happy Couple!

My MIL decorated this although she was several states away for the wedding. They put her to work when she visited earlier this month. I could never paint something like that!

I love this cake topper. I wonder what percentage of marriages this topper represents?

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