Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sucker Punched

I had bus duty all last week. Bus duty is actually a pretty fun time, especially when the weather is as lovely as it is these September days. Why is it so fun?

Well, first of all, you get to be outside. Fresh air, sun, and all of that.

Second of all, you get to see all the students arriving to school and going home again at the end of the day. This can be very amusing. I've had kids have a conversation with a certain point on the asphalt (talking to the ground) and explain their imaginary friend to me and what their friend is saying back. I've had kids walk up to me, do the splits, and then run off again! Often, children will get off the bus, make a beeline for me, and give me a hug. So sweet.

Another thing about bus duty is it makes you feel like a movie star. As the buses pull away in the afternoon, many children are waving at you from their seat windows. Sometimes they call out, "Goodbye Mrs. Kyburz!" And I wave back. And smile. And I feel loved. Afterall, it's the only fan club I really have.

Additionally, bus duty gives me the chance to see some of my old students. They are big sixth graders now. I finally saw S. on Thursday afternoon--first time this school year. He was all smiles! Such a brightly shining face! I said hello and then asked my standard question, "Who is your teacher this year? S. told me it was Ms. B. I always follow up with something positive, letting them know that whomever the teacher is, they are the luckiest kid in the world to have that teacher. He then said, "Yeah, she's my BEST TEACHER SO FAR!!!" Such a brightly shining face. My face? I'll admit there was a slightly plastic grin frozen there momentarily while he skipped away to his bus. Yep, sucker punched.

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