Thursday, September 8, 2011

BOYS Have it Easier!

Again, the journal prompt was: Who has it easier? Girls or boys?

Following are the responses from children who decided that boys have it easier.

First, we'll hear what what some ladies had to say about why it is, indeed, easier for the gentlemen:

"Boys have it easier because they are lazy and don't care what they are looking like that day. And sleep and that is why boys are easier than girls."

"Boys because all they do is play football. Girls have to do chores and other things."

"Boys, definitely, cause girls have to do all the work, cook, clean, dishes, look nice, and boys watch football, play football, all they ever talk about is sports!"

"Boys. Because girls have to have babies and they have to take care of them."

"Boys. Life is hard for girls. They have to do their hair, look cute, do nails. While boys sit around lazy eating junk food and burping all day."

"Boys because all they do is take a shower, put deoderant, put some clothes on and going and play football, baseball, or basketball. Girls clean, do dishes, cook food, and do laundry. Girls do more work than boys. Boys have an easier life. So boys have it easier."

"I'm not sure as kids it's basically the same, but when you grow up women have to have kids and take care of the kids. They also are the ones to find babysitters or daycares. The women do all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The men work hard every day at their jobs. They also have to teach your kids how to drive. They have to protect their family. The girls list is longer so I think boys have it easier."

And now we'll hear from some boys about why boys have it easier:

"Boys have it easier because the girls have to carry a baby in their stomach."

"Boys because they are stronger and more active and they do cool sports. And they rock and they are awesome. The end."

"Boys have it easier cause they don't have to clean as much or give birth."

"Boys because girls have to be pregnant and have to have babies."

"Boys because they don't cry a lot, friends with anybody, they don't get pregnant, tough and strong. Mentally tough. Can wear anything. They can eat whatever they want."

"So who does have it easier, girls or boys? I say Boys! Because girls have to worry about money for earrings, hairspray, flat and curling irons, bobby pins, shoes, nail polish, clips, and fancy clothes! And boys just have to have one bottle of deoderant and they're good for a week. And clothes and food and we can live. So there you have it. Boys have it easier than girls."

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