Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pine Hollow and Fairview Canyon

Pictured above is K's cousin, a happy bride-to-be with her fiance and more relatives. The amazing thing about the next two pictures is that J is actually leading the hike--never happens! I was feeling good that day.

Meet my little friend, the rubber boa. We have these snakes on the cave trail as well. Rubber boas are the nicest little sweethearts you'd ever like to meet. I was so happy I got to see one and that it allowed a couple of photographs. My mother-in-law was not so happy about this fortuitous meeting.

We had a lunch at a place that's near and dear to my heart. Never though I would get to show my husband's family this location!

Fairview Lakes--We drove through Fairview and Huntington Canyons looking at the place where they dug up a Bull Mammoth and other such things we could find. There are so many views, vistas, and beautiful reservoirs. Snow remains up there above 9000 feet!


  1. Ann, yes, it has been quite the summer, but just to clarify, the last NINE posts were things I enjoyed during the last SIX days!