Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shakespeare Festival

CONFESSION: We did NOT actually see a SHAKESPEARE play. We saw NOISES OFF! in the afternoon which is really funny and then we saw THE GLASS MENAGERIE in the evening which is really sobering. One extreme to the other. This was a great introduction to the Shakespeare Festival for me and now I'm excited to go back with Hubby. J, the boy, was a real sport hanging out with four women, one of course being his mom.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT actually photograph anything having to do with the theatre or Shakespeare or festival. My bad.

Behold Rangers Ka., Kr., and B. Each is a fantastic human being in her own right. Two of them are first responders and one of them has a concealed weapons permit (you never know who might be packing heat). One of them has through-hiked the Grand Canyon SOLO in one day on MORE than one occasion. They rock climb, canoe, and drive stage coaches (I am NOT even kidding). I could go on and on. Me? I just have some lowly certification in First Aid/CPR/AED. And I can speak Japanese. Compared to these three sistahs, I was lookin' UP to their leadership and feelin' SAFE!

I'll just end this post with a picture of my beautiful boss all dressed up before the evening performance. She's an amazing person who has brought a lot to our jobs as interpretive park rangers. She's hilarious to talk to and very expressive. We all love her.

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